Are you ready to learn to dance Argentine Tango?


are you learning complex “choreographed steps” you can’t put together?

See the difference below the pictures.

Karen and Carlos

Argentine Tango Workshop Saturdays 1 to 3 pm

  Broadway 26 Dancing

26 Broadway, Hawthorne, NY

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These are Claudio Villagra and Helena Fernandez

dancing Authentic Argentine Tango for Milongas – Notice No ganchos, no rear sacadas.

Here you can see the same Claudio Villagra and Miriam Larici

on Stage almost 20 years ago, dancing Stage Tango.

Which Tango are you learning?

Learning choreographed “Steps”

every month will not make a good dancer.

That’s good if you are planning

to perform inTango Show on Broadway

If you are only doing steps and exercises

you will not learn to dance A.T.

If you feel frustrated,

If you can’t put it together,

then this workshop is for you!

Argentine Tango is navigating and dancing the music!

It is not dancing one “choreographed step” after another.

It is not lifting your partner to the ceiling.

Come and learn what dancing with musicality means!

Musicality is 50% of the dance!

Good Tango is not about steps you can’t lead or how many

Ganchos and Sacadas you can do.

Tango is about Musicality, Navigation, and Improvisation.

You and your partner are silent instruments of the orchestra

the space

and the floor craft allows it.

If you feel frustrated.

If after many lessons you can’t dance,

dancing to the melody.

Come and learn how to create your own sequence.

Creating you own sequence

will make you dance like a true milonguero.

Come and learn what you can add to the sequence when

This classes are for you!

Learning one step per week or 52 steps in a year, every year

will not make you dance tango.

Dancing Argentine Tango is not about steps!

  • This course is designed for dancers Interested in learning the seven most common patterns to navigate.
  • Learn how to connect one pattern to another to move on the floor without interruption.
  • Learn to take a mistake and make it an opportunity to be creative, how to improvise or take advantage of any position and make a figure or continue moving
  • Learn to navigate and circumvent obstacles using “Keni’s Corridor” ©
  • This is by far the best Argentine Tango course you can take.
  • In this course you will finally understand and learn what you need to dance Argentine Tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires.

1 to 3 pm

Tango is not about Steps,

It is about dancing the music,

It is about Improvisation,

It is about Floor Craft,

It is about dancing in crowded floors,

It is about simplicity,

It is not about complexity.

If you can’t lead your partner, you can’t dance.

In Tango, there are two kinds of steps or figures.

The first are the choreographed steps learned with a permanent partner

which are used in performances and exhibitions.

The second kind are sequences which can be lead.

These sequences can be used with any partner at any milonga in the world.

Remember 90% is navigation and Floor Craft.

Stop learning steps you can’t lead! Come and learn Floor Craft!



with Karen and Carlos